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research and development

Raphael Pharmaceutical has partnered with

the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation

Center (MCRIC), at Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, one of the leading centers for Cannabis research in Israel. 

We are sponsoring an immersive, scientific studies

in order to define the potential of our Cannabis strains on rheumatology diseases, such as relieving arthritic inflammation of the joints and rheumatology-related chronic pain.


These studies will reveal the mechanism of activities of our strains in the level of cell biology in mouse disease models and human patients.

These molecular and biochemical studies are done in the MCRIC laboratories which are highly regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and the clinical study will be under FDA regulation.

There is an urgent need for further knowledge in the case of palliative effects of cancer treatment including cachexia, fatigue, anemia, pain and depression.

Raphael Pharmaceuticals is investigating our proprietary strains as potential palliative treatment for young and adult patients under different protocol of cancer treatment. As part of our efforts to design a novel, Cannabis-based treatment to relieve symptoms in young patients, we are collaborating with Schnieder Children's Medical  Center of Israel.

Additionally, in order to study cancer related palliative effects in adult patients, we are also evaluating and investigating our proprietary strains at the Oncology and Hematology departments at Rambam Health Care Campus.

One of Raphael Pharmaceutical’s roadmap to success is the need to identify the cannabinoid receptors in human biopsies. It is already known that cannabinoids interact differently with specific receptors in human cells. In order to obtain a deep understanding of the action mechanism of our Cannabis strains, we have established a novel study which aims to identify the specific cannabinoids receptors in the cells of the treated patients.

This study will be held in the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center at Rambam Health Care Campus. The acquired data will be used to set up a platform for identifying, analyzing and matching the specific cannabis treatment to the specific cannabinoids receptors, which are expressed in the patient's cells.

This laser point precision will enable our treatment to be more efficient and accurate, enabling us to personalize our prescriptions to the individual patient.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus infections COVID-19 in December 2019 in China has quickly become a global health emergency. Raphael Pharmaceutical took the challenge and joined the global battle to contribute to the fight against the corona disease. In collaboration with the Cannabis Research Institute at Rambam Health Care Campus, Raphael Pharmaceutical supports clinical studies aimed to identify the effects of different cannabis strains on the function of immune cells derived from corona patients, specifically on inflammation regulatory cells which cause the fatal inflammation storm in corona disease. This will enable us to detect the most effective cannabis extract and cannabinoid profiles for regulating acute inflammation related to the pathology of corona disease.

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