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Rheumatology diseases,   arthritic joint inflammation, and  chronic pain

Oncology Patients

Cancer treatment effects like cachexia, fatigue, anemia, pain and depression


Personalized therapies

Restrain the inflammation storm in corona disease

Researching cannabinoid's receptors to provide personalized therapies

our vision
Innovators of the Future

Raphael Pharmaceutical’s business model will be developed and evaluated partially based on a preliminary trial stage in California, which includes approximately 30 vendor partners, including medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies and dispensaries, which will sell Raphael Pharmaceutical Cannabis-based medical indications with phase 2B FDA approval. The trial will gradually be expanded to hundreds of participating vendor partners. 

Some of Raphael's FDA Phase 2B approved, Cannabis-based medical indications will be used by the public on a regular basis. Dosing suggestions will be indicated on the packaging similar to conventional, over-the-counter medicine.

On Cannabis-based medical indications that need personal medical treatment for each patient, participating vendor partners will communicate directly with Raphael-appointed medical centers, which will instruct the patients and provide prescriptions for the illness treatments indicating the dosage, frequency and methods of use.

The patients will be referred to the participating vendor partners to obtain Raphael’s medical products. The treatment progress will be followed up by Raphael’s medical teams and the data will be sent to Raphael’s headquarters and accumulated for future study.

After the end of the trial period and analyzing its results, Raphael will develop further venues to increase manufacturing and distribution on a larger scale. Firstly in California, expanding to Colorado and Oklahoma and at a later phase, throughout the United States nationwide and globally.

Revenues of income are based on royalties paid to Raphael Pharmaceutical for the use of patented, FDA phase 2B approved Cannabis-based medical indications. Our products are made by GMP highest medical standards certified plants located in California, other states across the USA and countries world wide.

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