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About raphael

At Raphael Pharmaceuticals, we recognize the therapeutic benefits of medical Cannabis. 

We believe in producing the highest quality product which is why we have invested over 6 years' research with Israel's most renowned scientific institutions.

Raphael Pharmaceutical cares for each individual, and we believe that medical solutions should be accessible to everyone.

Therefore we keep our products at an affordable cost for the well being of each patient.


At Raphael Pharmaceutical, we recognize that Cannabis is the medicinal drug of the future.

We are engaged in the development of Phase 1 and 2 FDA approved Cannabis-based medicine and treatments as well as unique, patented Cannabis strains.

We have partnered with the Medical Cannabis Research Team at Rambam Health Care Campus on a long-term, exclusive, scientific project to develop Cannabis-based medical indications.

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We are investing in the research and development of medicinal Cannabis that is effective

in providing pain relief for oncology patients, as well as treating arthritis and corona disease. Pioneers in the industry, Raphael Pharmaceutical plans to manufacture and distribute its medicines globally through the cooperation of leaders in the market.


The Cannabis plant has a variety of strains and contains multiple compounds.

To date, many such compounds have been identified, some of which are known to be involved in the beneficial effects of the plant and its derivative products. Up until recently, most of the medical community’s understanding of how these chemical compounds work therapeutically has come from anecdotal evidence.

Our goal is to decipher cannabinoid’s medicinal properties by performing testing in a state of the art research facility.

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