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decoding medical cannabis
what makes us different
our mission
our vision
resarch and deveopment


We are Raphael Pharmaceutical, we are investing in the research and development of medicinal Cannabis.
our goals

Markets Goals

Start up in California, Oklahoma and Colorado USA, to expand throughout the United States, Canada, and a Globe distribution.

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Scientific Goal 

To research and develop Cannabis based Medical Indications approved by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) phase 2, and by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


Business Goal 

To distribute our Cannabis Medical Indication Formulas to GMP approved Medical Cannabis manufacturers and Licensed approved Cannabis Distributors Globe wide over Royalty basis Agreements. These agreements articulate that Raphael Pharmaceutical will benefit from each and every sale.   



Rheumatology diseases,   arthritic joint inflammation, and chronic pain

Oncology Patients

Cancer treatment effects like cachexia, fatigue, anemia, pain and depression

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Restrain the inflammation storm in corona disease

Researching cannabinoid's receptors to provide personalized therapies

Personalized therapies

business partners

Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel

We have partnered with Schneider Children Hospital 
to design a novel, Cannabis-based treatment to relieve symptoms in young patients in the case of palliative effects of cancer treatment including cachexia, fatigue, anemia, pain, and depression.

Rambam Health Care Campus

We have partnered with Rambam's Medical Cannabis Research Team to develop Cannabis-based
medical indications FDA approved.

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what makes us different

In order to achieve FDA Phase 2 approval, we are deciphering the mechanism by which Cannabis is working. Far from anecdotal evidence, our research is conducted on the molecular and bio-chemical levels. Up to this point, studies of Cannabis have been based on statistics. Raphael Pharmaceutical is going deeper, by mapping the cannabinoid receptors and scientifically proving the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids on a variety of diseases.

our mission

The mission of Raphael Pharmaceuticals, is to recognize the therapeutic benefits of medical Cannabis. We believe in producing the highest quality product which is why we have invested over 6 years' research with Israel's most renowned scientific institutions. Raphael Pharmaceutical cares for each individual, and we believe that medical solutions should be accessible to everyone. Therefore we keep our products at an affordable cost for the well being of each patient.

our vision
innovators of the future

Raphael Pharmaceutical’s business model is developed and evaluated on a preliminary trial stage in California, which includes approximately 30 vendor partners, including medical centers, hospitals, pharmacies and dispensaries. The trials will be expanded to hundreds of participating vendor partners. Raphael Pharmaceutical Cannabis-based medical indications with phase 2 FDA and EMA approvals, will manufacture and distribute licenced approved products. 

Some of Raphael's FDA Phase 2 approved Cannabis-based medical indications will be used by the public on a regular basis. Dosing recommendations will be indicated on the packaging similar to conventional, over-the-counter medicine.

On Cannabis-based medical indications that need personal medical treatment for each patient, participating vendor partners will communicate directly with Raphael-appointed medical centers, which will instruct the patients and provide prescriptions for the illness treatments indicating the dosage, frequency and methods of use.

The patients will be referred to the participating vendor partners to obtain Raphael’s medical products. The treatment progress will be followed up by Raphael’s medical teams and the data will be sent to Raphael’s headquarters and accumulated for future study.

After the end of the trial period and analyzing its results, Raphael will develop further venues to increase manufacturing and distribution on a larger scale. Firstly in California, expanding to Colorado and Oklahoma and at a later phase, throughout the United States, nation-wide and globally.

Revenues of income are based on royalties paid to Raphael Pharmaceutical for the use of patented, FDA phase 2 approved Cannabis-based medical indications. Our products are made by GMP highest medical standards certified plants located in California, other states across the USA and countries world-wide.

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decoding medical cannabis and its benefits

We recognize that Cannabis is the medicinal drug of the future. We are engaged in the development of Phase 1 and 2 FDA approved Cannabis-based medicine and treatments as well as unique, patented Cannabis strains.


We have partnered with the Medical Cannabis Research Team at Rambam Health Care Campus on a long-term, exclusive, scientific project to develop Cannabis-based medical indications.

We are investing in research and development of medicinal Cannabis that is effective in providing pain relief for oncology patients, as well as treating arthritis and corona disease.

Pioneers in the industry, Raphael Pharmaceutical plans to manufacture and distribute its medicines globally through the cooperation of leaders in the market.

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The Cannabis plant has a variety of strains and contains multiple compounds. To date, many such compounds have been identified, some of which are known to be involved in the beneficial effects of the plant and its derivative products. Up until recently, most of the medical community’s understanding of how these chemical compounds work therapeutically has come from anecdotal evidence.

Our goal is to decipher cannabinoid’s medicinal properties by performing scientific studies in a state of the art research facility.

research and development
a roadmap to success

Raphael Pharmaceutical has partnered with the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center (MCRIC),

at "Rambam Health Care Campus", Haifa, one of the leading centers for Cannabis research in Israel. 

We are sponsoring immense scientific studies

in order to define the potential of our Cannabis strains on rheumatology diseases, such as relieving arthritic inflammation of the joints and rheumatology-related chronic pain.


These studies will reveal the mechanism of activities of our strains in the level of cell biology in mouse disease models and human patients.


These molecular and biochemical studies are done in the MCRIC laboratories which are highly regulated by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and the clinical study will be under FDA regulation.


There is an urgent need for further knowledge

in the case of palliative effects of cancer treatment including cachexia, fatigue, anemia, pain and depression.

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Raphael Pharmaceuticals is investigating our proprietary strains as potential palliative treatment for young and adult patients under different protocols of cancer treatment. As part of our efforts to design a novel, Cannabis-based treatment to relieve symptoms in young patients, we are collaborating with Schneider Children's Medical Center of Israel.

Additionally, in order to study cancer related palliative effects in adult patients, we are also evaluating and investigating our proprietary strains at the Oncology and Hematology departments at Rambam Health Care Campus.

One of Raphael Pharmaceutical’s roadmaps to success is the need to identify the cannabinoid receptors in human biopsies. It is already known that cannabinoids interact differently with specific receptors in human cells. In order to obtain a deep understanding of the action mechanism of our Cannabis strains, we have established a novel study which aims to identify the specific cannabinoids receptors in the cells of the treated patients.

This study will be held in the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center at Rambam Health Care Campus.

The acquired data will be used to set up a platform for identifying, analyzing and matching the specific cannabis treatment to the specific cannabinoids receptors, which are expressed in the patient's cells.

The precision of our trajectory will enable our treatment to be more efficient and accurate, thus leading to personalize our prescriptions to each individual patient.

The outbreak of the new coronavirus infections COVID-19 in December 2019 in China has quickly become a global health emergency. Raphael Pharmaceutical took the challenge and joined the global battle to contribute to the fight against the corona disease. In collaboration with the Cannabis Research Institute at Rambam Health Care Campus, Raphael Pharmaceutical supports clinical studies aimed to identify the effects of different cannabis strains on the function of immune cells derived from corona patients, specifically on inflammation regulatory cells which cause the fatal inflammation storm in corona disease. This will enable us to detect the most effective cannabis extract and cannabinoid profiles for regulating acute inflammation related to the pathology of corona disease.

Scientific team
פרופסור יוסף פרס.jpeg

Prof. Joseph Press MD

Science Advisor

Former general director of Schneider Children’s Medical Center of Israel. Former Director of the Department of Pediatric Emergency Medicine, and Chair of the Pediatrics Division at Soroka University Medical Center.


Dr. Igal Louria-Hayon

Raphael Pharmaceutical CTO,

Chief Scientist, Director of the Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific director of the Medical Cannabis Research and Innovation Center at Rambam Health Care Campus and Head of the Leukemia &  Immunotherapy Research Laboratory in the Clinical Research Institute at Rambam. In addition, Dr. Louria-Hayon served as Senior Research Fellow in the Technion's Cannabinoid Research Laboratory.

תמונה  אדוארדו  (1).jpg

Dr. Shachar Eduardo

Frontline Director of Clinical Trials (Rambam),
Scientific Advisory Board Member

Director of the Clinical Immunology Unit at Rambam Health Care Campus.

פרופסור אלכסנדרה בלביר.jpeg

Prof. Alexandra Balbir-Gurman

Frontline Director of Clinical Trials (Rambam), Scientific Advisory Board Member

Director of the B. Shine Rheumatology Unit at Rambam Health Care Campus, a member of the Executive Committee of the Israeli Society of Rheumatology, an active member of the Scleroderma Research Group (EUSTAR) and a member of the EULAR Target US initiative.

פרופסור שי עזריאלי.jpeg

Prof. Shai Izraeli

Scientific Advisory Board Member

Head of the Division of Pediatric Hematology-Oncology Center, Schneider Childrens’ Medical Center of Israel affiliated to Tel Aviv University. A member of the executive Board of the European Hematology Association (EHA). 

management team

Shlomi Pilo

CEO and BOD Chairman

Born in 1953 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Served four years in the Israeli army as an officer in an intelligent elite platoon.Serves as VP Sales & Marketing of Alle Processing which is the world's largest Glatt Kosher food manufacturer, from 1993 - 2011. The Company achievement under his leadership has shown a huge growth in business from $23M to over $100M revenues of income.Owner of food brokering company that represents 7 food manufacturers in Europe and North America and provides for giant club stores such as Costco and BJs.

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Guy Ofir

General Council, CFO and BOD Member

Guy Ofir adv – director of leagal department and board member

Born in 1972 in Netanya – Israel

Guy is a lawyer and owner of "Guy Ofir Adv" law firm since year of 2000 that practice in civil and Business.
In 2006 he established and registered a company named "Easy Energy inc" that developed and patent in green energy.

Promotes a real estate development in Romania since 2005 to date.


Dr. Yehuda Eliya

Partner in one of the largest accounting firms in Israel (34).
Owner of a law firm.
Vice President of the Chamber of Internal Auditors in Israel.
Member of the ZAKA presidency.
Parliamentary Adviser to the Republic of Abkhazia.
Director of various voluntary companies in Israel.

Advocate Accountant Internal Auditor Certified Salary, Mediator and BOD Member

our goals
business partners
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